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San Antonio

San Antonio
5724 Rittiman Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78218
Phone: 210-661-2661

3010 LBJ Freeway, #1200
Dallas, TX 75234
Phone: 214-379-3388

11811 North Freeway, #500
Houston, TX 77060
Phone: 713-590-0199

700 Lavaca St., #1400
Austin, TX 78701
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    Stretch Wrap, Tape, Strapping

    Stretch wrap – IN STOCK! Paragon Hand Wrap is designed as a high-performance stretch film for maximum protection. We offer various sizes and types of stretch wrap in different mil thickness and roll lengths that will save you money and protect your pallets from shifting and moving during transport.
    Hand stretch wrap features:
    • Cast manufacturing process
    • High clarity
    • Superior load retention
    • Ultrathin film thickness
    • Excellent puncture resistance
    • Consistent film performance
    • Proper identification/bar coding
    • Tighter package/reduced shifting
    • Source reduction
    • Reduced package cost
    • Protection/reduced breaks
    stretchwrap 1
    stretchwrap 2
    Ultimate Force® machine stretch film – IN STOCK! Our high-quality machine film offers proven performance for high-end stretch-wrapping applications. If you need optimum performance regardless of gauge, Ultimate Force film is the right choice for your application.
    Machine stretch film features:
    • Quiet/clear cast film
    • Easy unwind
    • One-side cling
    • Puncture/tear resistant
    • High elongation
    • Excellent performance on automatic equipment
    • Down-gauge capability for low cost per load
    • Tear/break resistant for uninterrupted wrapping operation
    • No bar code scanner issues
    Clear 2-inch and 3-inch production tape – IN STOCK! We stock all types and sizes of hand tape for your production needs. We offer IPG brand tapes in many sizes and styles: clear, tan, masking, duct, colored tapes, strapping tape, filament, etc.
    Other features:
    • Clear tape offers fast, positive bonding on any carton
    • Works also in any applications such as high-recycled-content cartons, rough or ultrasmooth cartons, heavy ink coverage, dusty and/or dirty environments, humid conditions and temperature extremes
    Clear tape specs:
    • 20 pounds per inch of width tensile strength
    • 1.9 mil thickness
    • Rugged polypropylene film
    • 110% elongation at break
    • Application temperature range 0°-150° F
    • Color: clear
    • 2 inches by 110 yards
    • IN STOCK!
    stretchwrap 3
    stretchwrap 4
    IPG Machine Production Tape – Adhesive carton sealing tapes offer the widest range of application flexibility available. They offer excellent processing performance whether manually or automatically applied. Their superior strength, adhesion properties and holding force ensure consistent, reliable seals. Our machine tapes come in various sizes and types.
    • 2-inch and 3-inch wide
    • Production grade
    • Machine lengths up to 2,000 yards
    • High-tensile and high-quality
    • Always IN STOCK!
    Polypropylene strapping – IN STOCK! Both machine grade and hand grade are the most economical strapping and banding. Polypropylene bundling and strapping is used for light and heavy bundling and light palletizing/unitizing applications. This type of plastic strapping has a 5.5% to 25% elongation depending on your packaging application. We stock all sizes of both hand and machine strap as well as seals, carts and tools!
    stretchwrap 5
    stretchwrap 6
    Steel strapping/banding – IN STOCK! Stabilize and secure your pallet loads with our steel strapping in both regular-duty and high-tensile. Our strapping has a painted and waxed finish, and our pricing is excellent. We stock all sizes, and coils are 105 pounds. We also offer seals, carts and tools! All steel products guaranteed.
    Polyester strapping – IN STOCK! High-strength polyester Tenax is a highly engineered strapping material that combines the performance properties of both steel and plastic strapping to form a stronger, more resilient strapping material. High-strength Tenax has become a viable alternative for steel strapping in many heavy-duty baling, bundling, palletizing and unitizing applications. Its elongation and recovery characteristics help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking. Our polyester Tenax strap can reduce indentation at unprotected package corners and, unlike steel strapping, does not rust and stain products when exposed to the elements. It’s also safer to handle than steel strapping and will not damage forklift tires. Seals, tools and carts also available!
    stretchwrap 7
    stretchwrap 8
    We offer a full line of strapping tools and strapping machines! Signode, Fromm, MIP and Samuels are just a few of the manufacturers we offer. We can help you design your packaging line and provide reliable, durable, high-quality strapping systems that improve your package, protect your product and increase your profits by reducing damage and improving productivity. Call us now for a free consultation on which strapping tools might be right for your specific application. Call now!
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