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    Warehouse Equipment

    Want to see a colossal disaster? Just let one piece of warehouse equipment break and the entire routine is thrown out of order! We’ve seen it too many times. Take the time to maintain your warehouse equipment, and if something looks sketchy go ahead and order a new piece to prevent a production slowdown. 

    Lone Star Pallet Rack is the top provider of racking, shelving, and anything you need for warehouse production. As soon as inventory arrives on the loading docks, you are going to need equipment. You’ll need the dock plate to unload the material from the truck. That will require a pallet jack or forklift to remove the containers from the truck. Once you break the containers down you need carts to carry the parts and inventory to the shelves.

    You’ll need tape to run the barcode stickers to inventory and label the parts. Once the orders are collated and printed for the day, you’ll need sticker paper to print the shipping inventory items onto, and then the carts again to pull the parts. The parts will need to be sorted on shelves and then scanned, packaged, and shipped out. 

    Trust us, we’ve done this a time or two. When you need solutions for your warehouse, contact Lone Star Pallet Rack today!
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