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    4 Pallet Setups for Long-Term Prepping and Storage

    Container Storage

    Running a sustainable farm also means taking the steps for long-term prepping and storage for your family. This requires a large number of various types of storage methods. You need storage for canned foods, grains, and daily living supplies. You also need storage for fuel and other necessities. This means having the right pallet racks, pallets, and systems to keep everything safe and organized.

    Learn about four pallet setups for long-term prepping and storage on your sustainable farm.

    Push-Back Pallet Racking

    If you need to save as much space as possible while still creating a dense storage option, then push-back pallet racking might be ideal. This is especially true if you will be using a rotation system as you would for food storage. If you have an inventory tracking method, such as SKUs, then the push-back pallet racking system allows you access to those SKUs easily and clearly without having to lift or move any pallets or boxes.

    In addition to the ability to maintain a rotating cycle and access to inventory tracking methods, the push-back pallet racking offers much more storage space than other conventional methods. This increase in space can free up your warehouses, barns, and other buildings for larger long-term storage and prepping stock. It also offers you the ability to create a better setup that is more user-friendly to anyone on your homestead.

    Wire Deck Racking

    Depending on the storage seasons, you may have items that need to be stacked or stored differently temporarily. For example, you might have fuel that is used for heating during the colder months. During warmer months, the fuel will need to be stored in a safer, cooler place. The changes in the storage seasons will change your storage methods and needs. Wire deck racking can help with these changes.

    Wire deck racking offers several advantages for seasonal changing storage. The first advantage is the ability to remove the wire deck and configure it as needed without buying new supplies or dismantling decking. You also have the advantage of choosing the wire decking size to work with your items. The sizing options can prevent items from falling between the racks as well as prevent sliding and damage.

    Drive-In Racks

    Drive-in racks are ideal if you have larger barns and warehouses where walking in and finding your items could take too long. The drive-in racks are also ideal for items that will not be rotated on a routine basis or for items you have that are in frozen storage, like meats. If you have items in long-term storage like toilet paper, hygiene products, and other items that are either not time sensitive or have a long shelf life, then drive-in racking may be ideal.

    The drive-in racking allows you to stack items high and deep and keep enough room between each rack to drive through with a forklift or small ATV. You can also set up the drive-in racks to have SKUs that are easily reached from your forklift or ATV to help you keep track of inventory.

    Cantilever Racks

    Cantilever racks have several advantages for your long-term prepping and storage needs. They allow you to place pallet racks anywhere along the line of the cantilever rack. You can stack the racks deep and tall as well. This is ideal for storing bulk-buy pallets like rice, flour, and dry goods. The cantilever racks are more compact and are suitable for smaller areas and barns.

    If you are ready to purchase the equipment and supplies for any of these pallet set-ups, contact Lone Star Pallet Rack. We can assist you with purchasing questions and help you develop a long-term storage and setup plan that fits your specific storage needs. We can also assist you with new, used, and custom options for your pallet racks.

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